X-Ray Professional Association (X-Ray PA) is a physician-owned medical practice.

For almost 40 years the physicians at X-Ray PA have been providing medical imaging services to patients in the Greater Concord area - through Concord Hospital (in-patient & out-patient) and at Concord Imaging Center sites. Additionally, they provide screenings and evaluations for other unaffiliated medical practices and providers using the most advanced technology for PET scans, nuclear, CT, MRI (Truly Open), fluoroscopy, ultrasound and interventional.

The board-certified physicians at X-Ray PA are highly-trained medical doctors with broad sub-specialty training and vast experience.

More and more, interventional radiologists are becoming part of a patient’s collaborative health care team.

The Interventional Radiologist/Physicians at X-Ray PA work in collaboration with a patient’s existing medical providers, which often includes: Primary Care Physicians, Oncologists, Surgeons and Specialists.  Interventional radiologists use image-guided, minimally invasive treatments to treat a wide array of diseases and conditions throughout the body.

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