Advancing the level of patient care offered in Concord New Hampshire - Interventional Radiology (IR) is a highly effective, minimally invasive, image-guided treatment of medical conditions that once could only be managed with open surgery.

The interventional radiologist/ physicians at X-Ray PA work in tandem with a patient’s own medical team, which often includes: Primary Care Physicians, Oncologists, Surgeons and Specialists.

There are numerous benefits with Interventional Radiology (IR), including:

IR procedures are typically performed with only a small incision to insert a catheter into an artery. 

With direct access the exact location where the problem IR doctors deliver effective treatment.

Without the need for large incisions - recovery time is easier and faster after an IR procedure.

Interventional Radiologists pioneered and perform highly-advanced, minimally invasive, effective treatments that…

  • Restore Circulation in people with PAD.
  • Clear DVT’s with targeted treatments called Catheter-directed thrombolysis.
  • Repair Varicose Veins with minimally invasive targeted treatment called Vein ablation.
  • Restore blood flow in the brain to clotted areas on Stroke victims.
  • Remove blockages in the Carotid Artery preventing a stroke from occurring.
  • Deliver cancer-killing drugs directly to the site of the Cancer (without harming surrounding tissue) and deprive the Tumor of it’s blood supply with Tumor ablation and chemo-embolization.
  • Provide hope and treatment for those with Inoperable Tumors.


X-Ray, PA has several Interventional Radiology physician / specialists on staff, each board certified and with broad sub-specialty training.